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Deep Sea Fishing First Aid Kits

When you think of fishing, you may think of relaxing day by or on a lake. Or, you may think about deep sea fishing - a unique experience that requires traveling out into the ocean, far from land. Here, you'll have the chance to reel in "big game" deep sea fish, including tuna, sharks, swordfish, and marlin. As with any trip into the outdoors, however, deep sea fishing is not risk free. These fishing trips can potentially lead to injury, or simply make us feel unwell as we deal with the ocean surface.

That's where we can help. The Sportsman's Doctor specializes in providing custom first aid kits to our customers meant to combat specific problems experienced in the great outdoors. Our kits are unique because we go above and beyond in providing the medical supplies you may need for all of your wilderness adventures, including deep sea fishing trips. Every kit contains basic kit materials as well as additional prescription medications that your standard, run-of-the-mill first aid kits do not have! 

Additionally, all of our kits are created and reviewed by Fred Teribury, MD. This ensures that our products are overseen by an individual with over two decades of military and medical experience, and are carefully crafted to meet every adventurer's needs. Plus, when working with The Sportsman’s Doctor, you will always have access to a medical doctor/provider who is experienced and board-certified in internal medicine.

Ready to start preparing for your next outdoor getaway? Our kits are ready for purchase right here on our website! We are also able to answer questions and take custom orders, and invite people looking for additional information to contact us and discuss your kit needs.

Deep Sea Kit for Women: Pregnancy Tests & Sea Sickness

Every kit contains basic kit materials as well as additional prescription medications that your standard, run-of-the-mill first aid kits do not have! Included in the deep sea kit is one scopolamine patch, a treatment for motion sickness that prevents nausea and vomiting. We also provide female kits that contain a pregnancy test

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FAQs on Deep Sea Fishing First Aid:

What Kinds Of Health And Safety Issues Do I Need To Worry About When Deep Sea Fishing?

There are various types of accidents that may occur on deep sea fishing trips. Many, however, can be avoided simply by working with a crew that has lots of experience on deep sea fishing boats. For example, qualified crews are more likely to protect boat goers from falling overboard or from vessel disasters (which often occur due to rough waters or weather). Similarly, a good crew is likely to keep a clean and safe ship, minimizing the risk of deck accidents such as slips and falls.

This is not to say that risks on deep sea fishing boats can be eliminated; but by working with a great crew or charter group, they can certainly be brought down to a similar level of risk that you would experience when fishing on land. Most importantly, even should an injury occur, minor issues can be treated on the spot.

What Can I Do About Sea Sickness?

Deep sea fishing trips are exciting by nature. Unfortunately, some people find that the ocean is their greatest nemesis during their experience. As a result, these people tend to experience sea sickness - a type of motion sickness triggered specifically by being on the water.

Motion sickness is defined as the feeling you get when the motion you sense with your inner ear is different from the motion you visualize. Because your eyes "see" one set of signals and your inner ear "feels" or "hears" another, your brain cannot always find equilibrium between these two senses. It may be that your brain cannot see the motion your body's feeling; it may also be that you cannot feel the motion your eyes see. The result of these mixed signals is motion sickness.

Motion sickness, i.e. sea sickness, progresses from a feeling of uneasiness to sweating and/or dizziness. This is usually quickly followed by nausea and/or vomiting. Some people may also experience headaches and fatigue. Fortunately, there are medications you can take to alleviate some (or all) of the symptoms.

How Does The Sportsman's Doctor's First Aid Kits Help On Deep Sea Fishing Trips?

Our products are specifically designed to treat the minor issues that may affect us during a deep sea fishing trip. The key word here is minor! Our products are not trauma or emergency treatment kits and should not be used as such.

With this in mind, our deep sea kits specifically include 2 Scopolamine Patches. Scopolamine is used to prevent nausea and vomiting caused by motion sickness. It works by blocking the effects of a certain natural substance (acetylcholine) on the central nervous system. These patches should be placed on the skin behind the ear, and applied at least 4 hours before its effects will be needed. A single patch can then stay in place for up to 3 days.

To treat basic injuries, our kits also contain the following:

  • 1 Triangular Bandage
  • 1 2” ACE Wrap
  • 2 4×4 Gauze
  • 2 3×3 Gauze
  • 2 2×2 Gauze
  • Role 1” Tape
  • 6 Alcohol pads
  • 3 BZK Towelettes
  • 2 Iodine Swabs
  • 4 ¾” BandAid
  • 2 2”x4” BandAid

To help you safely treat minor issues, our kits contain the following:

  • 2 Pair Gloves

The contents of each of our first aid kits have been hand selected by Dr. Teribury. He has built this list based on his experience as a member of the special forces, a sportsman and a physician. You will find everything you need to treat minor scrapes and cuts, as well as prescription medicine that have been prescribed to treat issues such as elevation sickness, sea sickness, urinary tract infections, and bacterial infections.

*Currently available in NY, PA, NC, OH, & TX