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We specialize in providing custom first aid kits to our customers. Our kits are unique because we go beyond the necessary medical supplies you may need for all of your wilderness adventures - and we offer prescriptions that your standard, run of the mill first aid kits do not have. So whether you’re deep sea fishing, hiking, camping or hunting, we’ve got you covered for your next adventure. 

Our kits are currently available in AL, FL, NC, NY, OH, PA, TX, & WA!

Plus, to help our customers live their healthiest life, we also provide generic medications for common men’s health issues. These include erectile dysfunction, cold sores, and hair loss.

Whether you’re looking for home care or outdoor support, all of our orders are processed online - no store visit required! 

While our store is online, we know that you may have questions you need answered before your purchase. Not sure if a men’s health medication is necessary? Need information about one of our wilderness first aid kits? Interested in discussing a specifically designed premier first aid kit for your next trip?